How long will therapy last?

My job is to be out of a job! Although I cannot say how many sessions you will need, we certainly can determine your goals and work towards them in session. How long therapy lasts is determined by your own investment in the process, how often you can come in, and practicing the tools given outside of therapy.

Why do you provide couples therapy AND divorce therapy? 

I have a hopeful approach to relationships-I am trained in couples, discernment, & divorce therapy. My heart is that our time together will help you and your partner restore and repair any negative dynamic that has developed. Sometimes, one partner is leaning out so far that couples therapy is a last ditch effort and my goal is to support you through looking at reconnecting in your relationship and if this path doesn't work, sometimes the transition out of your relationship. I don't make these decisions for you, but rather facilitate conversation to help you step out of those negative communication patterns, and if you cannot, transition well.

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