When A Relationship Ends

Separation, Divorce & Break Up Therapy Services

Although my heart in work with couples is for restoration and repair, I have learned that not all couples end up staying together. Separation & divorce are sometimes an unfortunate life transition.

I too have been through divorce after almost 27 years of marriage. I found that I didn't know what or who to turn to to empower myself to navigate an emotional business transaction well, and the many factors, such as grief, co-parenting my three children, learning to date again, to name a few, that came up along the way. I've learned, the hard way, how to work with the emotional difficulties that arise, breaking unhealthy relational patterns, find in purpose in the loss and the ability to move forward with joy and gratitude.

I work with individuals and families to help empower them to navigate this difficult life transition well, from supporting emotional coping strategies, implementing self care, co-parenting strategies, and the change in identity from wife/husband to single/divorced, to name a few. Whether you are the leaning out or the leaning in partner, my goal is to help you divorce well. 

I am part of a wonderful network of highly vetted, qualified professionals that I wprk with for all aspects of divorce (Vesta). This network offers Resource Nights (no charge), divorce Boot Camps (no charge) and Retreats (minimal charge, please ask) to support you on this journey.

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