The Classy Girl's Guide To Divorce

Welcome to The Classy Girl's Guide to Divorce!


My name is Kimberly Sandstrom and I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, and I have navigated the divorce process after a 26 year marriage. Never expected to be in this place at my age and the journey has been rough at times, but I've learned (the hard way and with many many mistakes) that we can thrive, not just survive. We can wrestle with who we are and redefine our path with love, belonging and gratitude. Join me in the journey!


Are you currently navigating or recently been through a divorce? You're in the right space. Are you considering or still struggling with your divorce? This is the space for you. Wrestling with all the emotions, business, and finality of a marriage ending can bring out the crazy in us women, no? Let's stay classy and learn together. Stay tuned for free workshops, blogs, tips and encouragement to come through this journey like the badass classy lady you are! (Of if you don't know if you are, learn how to be one with me!)

Click on the "Blog" section of this website and begin your journey today!

With much respect for your courage in being here,


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