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January 1, 2015

I recently became an "empty nester." It's bittersweet. I miss the voices and noise and the messes (yes, even those) the girls filled my home with over the last 24 years. At the same time it's very freeing and I am enjoying that freedom and having some fun!

Over the Than...

Reprinted from the Summer 2013 Newsletter

“As an individual I can and do achieve much. But my aspirations and the path along which they lead are beyond my abilities alone. In community, I find fellowship, am challenged to go beyond, and receive the support to...

November 17, 2012

You can't stop thinking about your spouse and the affair partner--what they did, places they met, what words were exchanged....oh and the visuals can be excruciatingly painful when you think about them.  You question your relationship and also yourself for not seeing i...

November 8, 2012

Anyone experiencing the disclosure of their spouse's affair knows that it is like experiencing the sudden death of a loved one. It's surreal and hard to adjust to the reality of the loss--the loss of what you "thought" your relationship once was. Emotions vacillate bet...

September 15, 2012

I am a hopeless optimist when it comes to relationships. I hold hope for every couple that walks into my office. Period. Don’t get me wrong, I am not unrealistic—I know that some relationships come to an end, but my optimism is usually the last thing following them out...

Recently a friend and I had a heartfelt conversation via text during a busy week (yes, heartfelt conversations can be had via text!). At the end of our conversation, she responded with a final signature, “Thank you previous friend!! Xoxo”

Of course, I immediately knew t...

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August 9, 2018

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